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Medal of Honor open beta running for the next two days

There's no doubt that thousands of gamers are eagerly awaiting next week's release of Medal of Honor, and that plenty would kill for a sneak peek. If you're among them, then it's your lucky day - between now and the end of the day on October 7 (Pacific Time), anyone can go to to download the free beta and participate in a final test to make surethe servers are up to snuff.

Medal of Honor has received a lotof attentionlately due to the controversy over its original ability to play as Taliban soldiers in the multiplayer mode. After biting accusations that the gameis some sort ofterrorist anti-American Taliban simulator, EA decided to change the game by replacing the word "Taliban" to "Opposing Force."

In the same press release as the open beta announcement, EA took the opportunity to make a statement about the controversy.

"The heartbeat of Medal of Honor has always resided in the reverence for American and Allied soldiers. The decision to remove the Taliban team name was out of respect for the families of these men and women," said the game's executive producer Greg Goodrich.

The game is due for release on October 12, assuming no one breaks makes all the servers explode before then.

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