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Main Assembly drops an exclusive trailer as it launches into Steam Early Access

Main Assembly, the building sandbox game with an advanced physics system that lets you build anything you can imagine, has revealed an exclusive trailer ahead of its Steam Early Access launch at the Future Games Show.

The exclusive trailer shown at FGS shows off the virtually limitless world of Main Assembly, where you can build, break, and destroy robots, cars, planes, or giant animatronic spiders (eek). The Future Games Show is GamesRadar's flagship digital event, which debuted new and exciting games and was hosted by Nolan North and Emily Rose from the Uncharted series.

The only limit is your mind in Main Assembly, as you'll be able to build with free-from crafting tools in an environment featuring advanced physics like aerodynamics and robot destruction. The limitless building tools included customizable plates, chassis, and frames - if that overwhelms you, enlist some friends to help you tinker away on a project. 

After you've created your first masterpiece (or your first failure, it's all about growth), pilot it through multiple sandbox areas or push what you've made to the literal breaking point in challenge mode. Challenge mode pushes your builds to the limit by testing their speed, survival, and handling through a series of challenges. But if that's too much pressure, don't fret, as multiplayer mode can be all about fun. Join your friends to chase each other around in your bizarre builds, race each other in your bespoke vehicle, or just mess about with your new robot buddy.

Main Assembly is now in Steam Early Access as of June 11. Get building, testing, and destroying right here.  

Alyssa Mercante

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