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Mafia Wars comes to Android

Zynga has released a version of the intoxicating guilty pleasure known as Mafia Wars to the mobile Google platform, but now that we've told you we'll have to kill you.

As of now, you won't find Mafia Wars in the Android Market. You'll have to go to the third-party app source GetJar, which is much easier to navigate and search for (we still don't get why Google, which should know a thing or two about searching for content, can't give the Android Market a better-designed interface).

Just like the Facebook version of Mafia Wars, the newly released Android game puts you at the head of your own mafia as you fight against rival factions and try to take over other crime lords' turf.

You collect weapons, vehicles, cash money, and everything else that makes Mafia Wars an addicting waste of time (but it feels oh so good).

Android users can point their phones' browsers to and search for Mafia Wars, or go directly tothis link.


Dec 21, 2010