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Life is Strange (and short, and violent) in the series finale

Life is Strange, the episodic adventure from Remember Me developer Dontnod, is coming to an end. The final episode, "Polarized," hits PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on October 20, and things don't look good - though, honestly, do they ever in this heart-wrenching series? You can check out the trailer below, but be warned that if you haven't played episodes 1 through 4 yet, there are some slight spoilers:

Dang. I mean, I know our hero Max has dealt with some heavy stuff before now (what with the whole [REDACTED] and the bit where she [SPOILERS], not to mention the episode with [SERIOUSLY, YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME]), but the consequences of her time travel abilities look to be reaching further than we ever expected. Good luck, girl.

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