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Just Dance: The most depressing game of 2010?

Remember how you felt when you first saw – or God forbid, played – Wii Music? Remember the shock when you first learned just how many damn people are subscribed to Farmville? Remember the fear when you first noticed the ratio between actual games and baby games at your local store?

Steel yourself, because today is another one of those days. Ready?

Depressing Fact #1: Just Dance has now sold over two million copies since releasing last November. Two million.

Depressing Context:This is Just Dance.

Depressing Fact #2: Just Dance's sales numbers are double those of Bayonetta, which released on both 360 and PS3, and which scored a Metacritic review average of 88. Just Dance is Wii only and scored an average of 47.

Depressing Context:This is what people look like when they play
Just Dance.

Depressing Fact #3: Just Dance recently became the #1 selling game in the UK, according to a report published by our sister site,Edge.

Depressing Context:This is what professional dancers, hired by Ubisoft for an official publicity event, look like when they play Just Dance.

Depressing Fact #4: Just Dance, by topping the UK charts, has surpassed titles like Pokémon, FIFA, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2 and, in an ironic semantic twist, Just Cause 2.

Depressing Context:This is what a random Teen Wolf cosplayer at WonderCon in San Francisco looks like when playing Just Dance. The fact that he doesn't come across as any more ridiculous than the non-costumed people playing Just Dance is a sad statement indeed.

This could be the future of gaming. Are you ready?

Apr 7, 2010

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