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iPhone Game of the Day: Twin Blades

Game: Twin Blades
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You may have heard of Twin Blades already, and with good reason: this 2D side-scrolling actioner has enough old-school slashing and shooting to fill a full-sized console release (in fact, there's a version on the Xbox 360's Indie games marketplace as well) as well as an eye-poppingly gorgeous iPad version. It stars Sister Angelica, your average scythe-wielding, magic gun-slinging, slit-to-the-hip dress wearing nun turned zombie slayer, and it looks like an anime - or, considering it's Comic-con week - manga, come straight to gaming life.

The gameplay itself should be instantly familiar to anyone who's played an action game in the last 20 years. Zombies churn up out of the ground and try to gnaw your flesh off, and Angelica headshotsorshredsthem and continues running or jumping in a horizontal direction until she meets a boss monster. Slay, spend zombie hearts to upgrade weaponry, rinse, repeat. But Twin Blades' lush looks, tight controls andfunny-gory personality make it feel more like a tribute to the classics than a wannabe.It's an iPhone game that doesn't need you to apologize for it. This would be good on any platform.

Jul 23, 2010

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