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iPhone game of the day: Chaos Rings

Game: Chaos Rings
Price: £7.49/$12.99
Size: 253MB
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The price may be high, but this is premium quality gaming, make no mistake. Once you've got past the extraordinarily flaky intro sequence, the game exudes that Square-Enix sheen. Story-wise, it's an interesting concept. Five couples arewhisked away to a strange dimension and forced to do battle with each other,with the promise of eternal youth and life for the winners.

But first, you've got to find the eponymous Chaos Rings, which involves trawling dungeons for XP and doing battle with a shedload of 3D monsters. It's all engrossing stuff, and there are interesting grid-based puzzles thrown in to add variety. It is a luxury at this price, but if you bought an iPhone instead of a PSP, this is the highest quality RPG you can play on the go.

Above: The art style is immediately recognisable as Square-Enix

Above: There are plenty of items, equipment and moves to unlock

Above: You can attack together or individually, adding tactical depth

06 Jun, 2010

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