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Introducing Brotastic Week

We give a lot of love to niche games at GamesRadar. We write long, wordy love letters to Okami and cover indie darlings like Fez and Braid. This week, however, we want to celebrate the other side of games.

The side of fist-bumps and high-fives. The side some of us deplore and others of us adore. The side that lets you have conversations with that one cousin you hate at family get-togethers. The side some say is responsible for gaming's huge successes, and the side that others say is the decline of the industry. The side... for bros.

This week at GamesRadar it's "Brotastic Week," an entire week celebrating bros. You can expect to see features about literal siblings (for the technical meaning of "bros"), as well as articles talking about the more ambiguous idea of bros. You know, the guys who drink Mountain Dew while playing Halo and Madden and stuff.

We'll still be writing about other parts of gaming, but at least once or twice today we're going to talking about bros, because bros need love too, you guys. Bros need love too.