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If your No Man's Sky frame rate is cruddy, you're playing too fast

Creating worlds from scratch is the soul of No Man's Sky, but it's still tough work for the brain of your PS4. According to testing by Digital Foundry, the PS4 version of No Man's Sky reliably dips below its 30-frames-per-second cap when it needs to rapidly generate a bunch of terrain - i.e., when you're boosting at full speed across unexplored parts of a planet.

So if you want a smoother experience while you're exploring, just ease off the thrusters! It will give you more time to appreciate the procedurally generated flora and fauna anyway. Of course, future updates for No Man's Sky could include better system optimization on top of new features like base building and freighter piloting.

Until then, give your PS4's hard-working CPU a break and check out 9 more things you need to know about No Man's Sky.

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