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How to make the most of gaming’s biggest event with the E3 2021 online portal

E3 2021 announcement portal
(Image credit: E3)

E3 2021 is upon us, with four days of conferences, exciting reveals and insightful panels ahead, hosted by top games industry personalities. This year the format has changed to deliver an all-digital experience for everybody watching the show from home, and that starts with the main broadcast.

A four-day long video stream will kick off on Saturday, June 12 and provide unprecedented access to the event. The broadcast will be accessible across a massive number of streaming services and social media platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Gaming, TikTok, Steam, Reddit and more. E3’s distribution partners will ensure that you can catch up and engage with all of the latest news wherever you are, on whichever device you choose.

The E3 online portal  

To complement the broadcast this year, The ESA developed a brand new online portal to augment the E3 2021 experience. Fans can access the portal by heading to the E3 2021 website and registering.

Once inside, registered users will be able to create an avatar, connect with friends, track upcoming events and discuss news from the show in the E3 2021 forums. Fans will also be able to earn points and rewards by accessing content inside virtual booths created by the show’s exhibition partners. 

Exhibitors will use the booths to host VOD Content, events, articles and information about the games and products they are working on. As well as through the show’s distribution partners, registered users will also be able to watch the E3 2021 broadcast within the online portal, which will feature unique interactive overlays. The online portal experience has been designed to support the broadcast and act as a handy companion to this year’s show.

The booths we’re most excited about from the E3 online portal 


One of the earliest conferences of the entire show comes from Ubisoft, so it’s well worth engaging with the company’s virtual booth to make sure you’re prepared for Ubisoft Forward on Saturday, June 12. Portal users can watch a number of trailers already, with more to come after the show wraps up. 

Square Enix

Make sure you’re following the Square Enix booth ahead of the company’s major conference, Square Enix Presents, which debuts on Sunday, June 13. You can add the conference to your schedule within the portal and check out a number of assets and articles relating to the games that will be shown during the show.

Links to the Square Enix press site and store are also available for fans who want to check out merchandise from the company’s games and learn more.


Future will be hosting two shows during this year’s E3. The PC Gaming Show comes first on  Sunday, June 13 with over 39 new trailers debuting during the conference. Later that day the Future Games Show is also taking place. This is GamesRadar’s flagship digital games showcase and will be hosted by voice-acting talent Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. Follow the virtual booth in the online portal for more information and links to external sites with more details. 


Following Nintendo’s booth should be an obvious choice if you’re inside the portal, especially if you want to keep up to date with everything the company has to offer at this year’s show. 

Nintendo’s big showcase is the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, June 15, which will be followed by Nintendo Treehouse: Live. The Direct will focus on game reveals and news, whereas the Treehouse segment will provide three hours of deep dives into the company’s most anticipated upcoming games.

The E3 2021 broadcast starts on Saturday, June 12 and runs through to Tuesday, June 15, where it will end with the Official E3 2021 Awards Show.