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Here's what Super Smash Bros. would have looked like on the Game Boy

Super Smash Bros is by all accounts a fantastic game franchise. But there's one problem - it isn't portable. Plus, there are just too many colors. So the only thing that would make it better is if you could play it on-the-go on a 1980s green-and-black screen.

That's whatDan Fornancehas done in a brand new homebrew game called Super Smash Land. It actually runs on the old Game Boy engine and lets players see what the SSB experience is like on a vintage Nintendo system.

Super Smash Land is, sadly, just a demo. There are three stages and only two characters - Mario and Kirby - to choose from. But then again, this is the Game Boy we're talking about, so no one's shooting for the moon to begin with.

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The demo is playable through emulation software, and even supports four-player multiplayer.

Now all that Dan Fornance guy needs to do is invent a time machine and show this game to Nintendo in 1992, and he'd be a high-powered executive by now.


Dec 14, 2010