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Game music of the day: Super Mario RPG

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June 9, 2010

Game: Super Mario RPG

Song: Booster's Tower

Composer: Kondo/Uematsu/Shimomura

Above: Booster's Tower from Super Mario RPG

About 15 billion years ago, Nintendo and Square were an inseperable duo. This partnership began with several NES/SNES-exclusive games (including Final Fantasy, Secretof Manaand Chrono Trigger) and culminated in Super Mario RPG. As you might expect from anything born of these two companies, the game was exceptional and, more relevant to this article, featured music from both teams' top artists.

Booster's Tower is a laid back track that sounds like it'd play over an Arabian landscape, maybe a breathtaking vista of geology... or perhaps the lobby of a very fancy department store.Instead, it's a dingy, trap-laden tower. So the song doesn't exactly synch up with its in-game counterpart, but it's a great listen regardless.If you like today's song,check out McVaffe's version onOverClocked ReMix.

I realize Mario RPG has piles of great music (such as the battle theme above), as well as a couple of musical nods to itsFinal Fantasy roots, but I really wanted to get this one out there for nostalgia's sake. Plus, I have a feeling it'll ring some bells for you too.

If you're feeling particularly giving, you can also track down theofficial soundtrackinstead of listening via YouTube. Just throwing it out there!

The Sinking Old Sanctuary by Yamane

Inspiring credits music from Kenta Nagata

Welcome by Whittaker, Howlett andHenderson