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Fortnite's cinematic for season 5 has leaked, and it's rift-tastic

Fortnite season 5 is finally here, and although the actual patch might not have got here yet, that hasn't stopped the sneakiest of sluethers from unearthing everything that it has to offer. Obviously, the Fortnite patch notes have been very beneficial, but now thanks to Twitter user FortniteBR, we can watch the opening cinematic to the new season right now:

Ever since the rocket went off on June 30, rifts have been appearing on the Fortnite map, sucking in various POIs and then reappearing somewhere else. The Durrr Burger sign even appeared in the desert in the real world, which would be an early signal of the exact theme Epic was going to use for season 5 - worlds colliding. 

Although we don't get a glimpse of the new locals to feature in the season 5 map, the cinematic does make sense of everything that has happened in the game over the past 12 days, including tying in the detective costumes, the fact the llamas started appearing in real world cities across the globe and more. 

Another new element for the fifth season of Fornite is the new All Terrain Karts, or ATKs, which seem to have been teased for a week or so now in the real world. It was there all along apparently. Cheeky Epic, cheeky. 

Let us know what you love most about the Fortnite cinematic in the comments below. Are you a fan of this new theme?

Sam Loveridge

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