First image arrives from Evil Dead remake

A first image has arrived from Fede Alvarez’s upcoming remake of The Evil Dead , (via EW ) featuring a creepy Deadite child peeking out from what looks to be a new incarnation of that famous fruit cellar.

The sprite in question looks eerily reminiscent of the possessed Reagan from The Exorcist , although we like the way she appears to be smiling. After all, the Evil Dead series has a reputation for comedy and horror in equal measure.

Meanwhile, Bruce Campbell made a surprise appearance at the New York Comic-Con to big up the film, promising that fans of the original series will not be disappointed (via Collider ).

“Let’s give these people a new experience, done with handsome, hot young thespians ready to be covered in fresh buckets of blood,” he said, batting off questions about Evil Dead 4 . “You will be the judge on this movie, but you will not be screwed on this one.”

Starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Jessica Lucas, and with a script co-written by Diablo Cody and Sam Raimi, Evil Dead will open in the UK on 12 April 2013. There’s a very good chance it will swallow your soul.