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Final Fantasy XIV Moogle marches in

If you’re getting your grind on in Final Fantasy XIV Online, you might want to take a moment to check out this incredibly cuddly Moogle and some of the new promotional merchandise at Square Enix’s online shop. There’s a great Kuplu Kopo Moogle plush doll, two posters featuring images from the realm of Eorzea and a selection of cool straps.

The straps seem a little over priced and we don’t see ourselves hanging up those posters anytime soon. But man, that Moogle sure looks amazing.

Above:ThisKuplu Kopo Mooglewill set you back $24.99

Above:Two postersshowing the realm of Eorzea with character design illustration by Akihiko Yoshida. He's done a lot ofcharacter artfor FF games, but has also done work for Valkyrie Profile, .hack//, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Above: A collection ofGuidleve straps

Sep 24, 2010