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Fallout 4's Codsworth learns Joffrey, Rhianna, and 300+ more names

One of the most interesting features of Fallout 4 was the fact that Codsworth, your robotic handyman and friend, knew hundreds of names, and would use them in fully-voiced conversations. It was tons of fun to watch as your virtual companion referred to you by your proper handle, and even a few off-color ones - like "F*ckface." That list was significantly expanded on this week, with the addition of more than 300 new names. 

Along with the usual fixes, patch 1.6 brings the total number of names known and spoken by Codsworth beyond 1,200. The full list has been allegedly datamined and shared via Reddit, and I gotta say it's a solid mix. There's pop culture references like "Phasma," "Leia," "Joffrey," and "Rhianna," as well as plain names like "Danielle" and "Simon." Oh, and for all you Gertrudes out there, you've been added too!

The update has already been released for the PC version of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG, and will be coming to Xbox One next week, as well as PS4 at an unspecified point in the future.

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