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Pre-order Fallout 4 for less on the brand new Golden Joystick Store

Want to save some cash on Fallout 4 without having to wait agonizing months for a sale? The Golden Joystick Store is making its grand debut with a deal you won't want to miss: Fallout 4 PC pre-orders for just $49.99 / £33.99.

Run by Future Publishing, the Golden Joystick Store aims to give players the easiest way to buy games yet, with a simple interface and recommendations from ourselves and our sister site PC Gamer to help you make your decisions.

"Other web-based digital game retailers have very crowded user-interfaces," says Ray Pawulich, product manager on the Golden Joystick Store. "Our goal is providing the simplest and easiest user-experience in the category."

Buy a game from the store and the key to download it on the appropriate platform will then be mailed to you. Get shopping here

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