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Fallout 4 and GTA 5 collide in this Power Armor-toting fan film

Fallout 4's Commonwealth is off limits until November 10, but Blaine County will do in a pinch. GTA 5 YouTuber Mitch L created a thrilling homage to the upcoming post-nuclear role-playing game with a few mods, the Rockstar editor, and a good ol' vanilla minigun - good thing Rockstar had the foresight to put them in ahead of time.

The five-minute short film follows a slightly different looking Sole Survivor as he seeks out salvage in a dilapidated junkyard. He should've realized ahead of time that junkyards and bandits go together like Nuka-Cola and Mentats, but at least he gets some help from a mysterious stranger before they stomp his head in. The film has a few weird parts (like some bandits who don't seem all that bothered about the intruder) but it's still a lot of fun... and it really makes me want to play around with that Power Armor mod.

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