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Here's every single Fallout 4 perk compiled ahead of release

You know how the Fallout 4 Perk Chart will define your very own Sole Survivor, now see what each of those cute little Vault Boy icons actually means. Intrepid fans have compiled complete listings for every last one of Fallout 4's 275 Perks (counting Perk ranks), and you may want to peruse them all ahead of time.

Keep in mind that this is all still early information based largely off of leaks, so some of it may be slightly off - or it may change by the time Bethesda releases the game on November 10 (presumably along with a Day 1 patch). But while you're bouncing around, eagerly awaiting your chance to witness the nuclear apocalypse unfold firsthand, you might as well get a general idea of which Perks will go with your play style.

Excited as I am to try out the new-and-improved shooting, I know I'll be making a beeline straight for the Hacker perk. Rather than needing to buff up your Science skill like in the old days, each rank of Hacker will let you break into increasingly well-defended computer terminals. After that's done? Straight to Grim Reaper's Sprint for a return to the good old days of perpetual VATS action.

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