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Dragon Quest IX launch party attacks New York City

Ever wondered what a slime tastes like?

Over two hundred people got to find out the answer as they lined up on 48th Street for Nintendo's Dragon Quest IX launch party this past Saturday. They also got free Dragon Quest t-shirts, posters, and most importantly, the chance to buy Square Enix's new DS game a day early.

Above: DQ Creator Yuji Horii shows off his check-signing skills

The first thirty lucky fans – many of whom had been in line since midnight – were able to meet Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, who jovially shook hands and signed copies of their games. Although Dragon Quest hasn't exploded in North America like it has in Japan, Mr. Horii still received full celebrity treatment, and fans were ecstatic to meet him.

Above: Fans line up for the chance to wait in line

Tents planted outside of the Nintendo World Store contained the main festivities, including a number of kiosks with playable versions of Dragon Quest IX. Spending just a few minutes on the game gave attendees a ticket that could be used to get some much-hyped Dragon Quest ice cream.

Above: This way for imaginary live animal consumption

Above: What flavor would you like your slime?

Above: Apparently, ice cream trucks require cooling vents over 90% of their surface.

Above: A gigantic slime was forced to watch, motionless, as children devoured its brethren (below)

It seemed like everyone there had a total blast. And in case you were wondering: slimes taste a lot like blue ices.

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