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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and more Deus Ex projects get a pre-E3 showing on June 8

We never asked for this, but I'm glad it's happening all the same: a pre-E3 Deus Ex livestream will give us a new look at the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as well as all-new projects from developer Eidos Montreal and publisher Square Enix.

The stream will begin at 8:30 am PDT / 4:30 pm BST over on the official Deus Ex Twitch channel, which I've gone ahead and embedded below for easy reference: 

Eidos Montreal has referred to a "Deus Ex Universe" before in 2013. "Deus Ex: Universe will include PC and console games, but also additional Deus Ex games and experiences available in other media such as tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels, etc," it said. So if you're predicting what will be revealed during the stream, maybe start thinking less "another AAA Deus Ex game" and more "Deus Ex comic."

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