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BIG Guild Wars 2 exclusive in latest issue of PC Gamer

Love MMOs? You should be paying attention to Guild Wars 2. Hate MMOs? You should be paying more attention to Guild Wars 2. No existing MMO convention is sacred to GW’s devs. That begins with being subscription fee-free, but ArenaNet is also tossing out ye olde MMO rules to make it easier than ever to team up with friends and succeed together, thanks to a groundbreaking world events and mind-blowing class design.

Also within: previews Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Diablo III, lose-proof build orders for winning in StarCraft II, and a detailed examination of OnLive--is PC gaming’s innovative game-streaming service worth your time? Reviewed: R.U.S.E., Dead Rising 2, Worms Reloaded, City of Heroes: Going Rogue, and the scariest game we’ve ever played.

Above: The December issue of PC Gamer will be hitting newsstands on October 11. Subscribers can expect to receive their copies a little earlier

Sep 22, 2010