Awesome game animals... that you can use as weapons

Feline firearm (Postal 2)

Now this is what we're talking about. What kind of hitman/disgruntled postal worker wants to waste their moolah on an expensive silencer when they can just attach their weapon to the sound-proof cocoon of a cat's ass? Yeah, yeah. So it's not exactly humane. But these renegade pets were probably just going to use Postal's picturesque town as a giant litter tray anyway. If anything, we're doing a public service.

Above: "If you don't want yourself covered in kitty rectum, you better hand over all your doughright the hell now."

Brutal bees (BioShock)

Plasmids: the good old-fashioned family narcotic that let you freeze, incinerate and sting your enemies to death with a swarm of bees. For the price of a little prick (no sniggering there in the back) BioShock's Jack can take the fight to the worst of Rapture's evil doers with nature's stingiest shit bags. Big Daddies might have four foot drills grafted onto their diving suits. But they ain't go anything on a man who can inflict a Macaulay-Culkin-in-My-Girl death upon his foes. That, and it's probably a pretty useful power when you want some honey for your toast.

Above: Indeed you will, sir. Indeed you will

Shark in gun's clothing (Armed and Dangerous)

It's a gun. A gun that fires sharks. We don't need to elaborate, do we? Well, we will. But only in fantasy movie poster form...

Above: C'mon, Spielberg. You know you want to

Apr 26, 2010