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As Dusk Falls is a new interactive drama for Xbox Series X, from veterans of Quantic Dream and SIE London Studio

(Image credit: Interior / Night)

Interior/Night finally revealed what it has spent the last four years working on at the Xbox Games Showcase, using the platform to unveil an Xbox Series X exclusive: As Dusk Falls.   

As Dusk Falls is an original narrative game, a multi-generational story set in the American Southwest that promises to explore "resilience, sacrifice, and how the mistakes of the older generation transmit to the younger." The studio is focused on "creating ambitious and innovative interactive narratives" and that shines through in As Dusk Falls' unique visual aesthetic, its focus on character drama, and its action cast at a decidedly human scale. "What begins as a focused tale of two families trapped in a hostage situation," reads a teaser in the press release, "becomes a sprawling epic about how people grow and change over decades."

Interior/Night has been hard at work on As Dusk Falls since 2016, when the studio was founded by Caroline Marchal, the game design lead for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, and a collection of industry veterans from Quantic Dream, SIE London, and BioWare. It would appear that the team has spent much of its time engineering the game's unique visual style, which makes As Dusk Falls look like an interactive graphic novel. 

While there's no release date for As Dusk Falls, it is expected to come to Game Pass when the time comes. In the meantime, take another look at the trailer, because it is gorgeous. 

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