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50 Greatest Movie Posters Of 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun

The Poster: Brings Grindhouse to the world of posters, as a cartoonised Rutger Hauer wields a massive rifle.

Coolest Detail: The whole thing positively oozes cool.

Human Centipede: Full Sequence

The Poster: Just as nightmarish as Tom Six’s grubby sequel.

Coolest Detail: The ‘100% medically inaccurate’ tagline. At least it’s up front about that.

The Iron Lady

The Poster: Featuring the Iron Lady herself, as portrayed by the very-not-iron-like Meryl Streep. Oscar here we come.

Coolest Detail: The fact that we just can’t stop staring at it and going ‘My God, how did she do it?’


The Poster: Elicits chills without even trying, as horrible red hands reach for a vacant cut out off a little kid.

Coolest Detail: The fact that it takes the expressionistic route – something most horrors don’t have the guts for these days.


The Poster: Knows that the film’s gathered so much steam/acclaim on the festival circuit that it doesn’t even need its stars to appear on the poster. Nice.

Coolest Detail: Michael Fassbender’s name being so close to Steve McQueen’s again. We like this.


The Poster: Instantly iconic, moody and dreamy, this is one you wouldn’t mind having framed on your lounge wall.

Coolest Detail: The painterly quality, not to mention Kirsten Dunst’s solemn expression. Ah, she’s all growed up.


The Poster: Shafts of light add a dash of style, but the style here is all Gosling’s, as he strikes an effortlessly charismatic pose for the Drive one-sheet.

Coolest Detail: Gosling and that outfit. Ho mama.


The Poster: Sticks two fingers at cuddly romcom posters by having its female cast pose moodily against a horrible brick wall.

Coolest Detail: It’s sort of like the Usual Suspects one sheet. Only pinker.

The Ides Of March

The Poster: Hints that Ryan Gosling could very well be the successor to George Clooney’s throne of awesome one day.

Coolest Detail: How these guys look absolutely nothing alike, and yet somehow sort of do here. Cleverness.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The Poster: Doesn’t even need the film’s title for us to know what’s going on here.

Coolest Detail: Rooney Mara proves she’s willing to do anything for the role, even going topless for the poster. This girl’s got balls.

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