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The 30 greatest Terminator moments

1. The T-800 Must Be Destroyed - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Terminator Moment: In the wake of the T-1000s destruction, one chip remains inside the reprogrammed T-800. To ensure Skynet is never built, it too must be destroyed. Sarah shakes the machines hand, and mans the controls to lower him into the steel. With tear-stained cheeks, John pounds his fists on the Terminators chest, ordering him not to go - but its no good.

Why Its Great: After two hours spent watching a robot learn the value of human life to quote Sarah Connor, no-one wants it to die. Not John, heck, maybe not Sarah but certainly not the audience. The haunting strains of Brad Fiedels score sum up the mood better than any dialogue could, as the Terminator willingly descends to its demise. Its final message to John, a thumbs-up seconds later swallowed by the molten steel, pretty much guarantees theres not a dry eye in the house.

Memorable Quote: I know now why you cry, but that is something that I can never do.

Gem Seddon

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