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10 reasons to savor Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD

7) Make the whole galaxy dance
Look, everyone already knows about the Groovitron disco-ball that stuns enemies into funky dance routines. But here’s the icing on the cake - it works on every bad guy in the game. Even great big boss characters. Hell, even the final boss, who’ll pass comment on being made to jive. They all have their own boogie routine to prance through, too. Now that’s the kind of attention to detail we love.

8) Unlock Challenge Mode
Finish Tools of Destruction, and you’ll have reason to play it all over again, thanks to Challenge Mode. You get to keep your weapons and beefed-up energy bar, enemies will be much tougher, and you can now upgrade your guns even further - up to level 10. These upgrades cost millions of bolts, which is fine, since there’s now a lucrative bolt multiplier in place for killing enemies without taking a hit.