Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

And battles are where Iris 2 has really changed from last year's game. Instead of the played-out, you-go, I-go routine, you and the enemies duke it out on a timeline. For example, Felt is represented as an icon on this line. When his little picture reaches the end of the line, he can attack. Same goes for the various dragons, slimes and oversized birds that scour the world.

One of your basic attacks can actually push the enemy's icon further back on the line - essentially robbing them of a chance to attack back. So, it's a constant fight reach the end of that line, using screen-ripping spells or precision strikes to make your characters attack as often as possible. It's so much more intense than just pushing the X button over and over for "Attack, Attack, Attack."

Brett Elston

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