Atari reveals its "PS3 Home beater"

Atari is working on an ambitious PS3 Home-beating community portal, the company's online boss has revealed.

Trade mag MCV says that the company is to roll out a "major new online initiative" in the summer that will allow users to create their own game experiences. The project will initially appear on PC only, but Atari Online Entertainment senior vice president Chris Bergstresser hints at bigger things to come. "Let's just say it will be PC to start with," he said.

"Phil Harrison had this big announcement of Game 3.0 and I think its great that he's announced that because it will lend legitimacy to what we're doing. But it goes further than that."

Above: PS3's recently announced Home already has a challenger

"We feel user-generated content is not just something you just let people dabble in," Bergstresser adds, "we feel that it is something where you give people the tools to do whatever the hell they want."

Judging by the incredibly impressive demo of PS3's Little Big Planet, we're certainly intrigued to see what Atari's cooking up behind the scenes. Can it live to its strong promises? As always we'll let you know with a witty headline on the front page when we find out more.

April 5, 2007