Assassin's Creed III includes naval warfare

Unbeknownst to us, it turns out that Connor, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed III, makes quite the captain when he's not stealthily eliminating targets. At Sony's press conference, new gameplay was shown off featuring full-on naval warfare, complete with thunder, lightning, and cannons.

The action has Connor helming his very own ship, complete with a crew of Redcoat-hating comrades. Though things start out sunny straight out of the docks, AC3's weather system is in full effect even when you're taking to the high seas. Dark clouds rolled in over the ship - a prelude to a pair of incoming enemy ships. Connor responded by unloading a barrage of cannon fire on them, sinking one and overtaking the other with tomahawks in hand.

The combat looked mighty intense despite it's much more methodical pace compared to the rest of AC; the heaving waves affected the fight as an ever shifting terrain, and Connor had to duck to dodge cannonballs that went screaming past his head. We want you to see it for yourself - we'll have the full trailer up as soon as we get it.

Lucas Sullivan

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