Army of Two? More like Dumb and Dumber

Wednesday 20 June 2007
Now, we're all up for lightening the serious business of contract killing with a few giggles, but this latest movie of PS3 and Xbox 360 synergistic shooter, Army of Two, makes the game look like a slapstick pantomime performed by out of work wrestlers and scripted by graduates from the Arnold Schwarzenegger School of Comedy. But hey, everyone's funny bone is a different density, so maybe it'll tickle yours - check the footage below and laugh it up.

Despite the best efforts of the new trailer, we're still inclined to go with our gut feeling that Army of Two's cooperative, teamwork-focused killing is going to be an absolute blast, especially when played with a human buddy to watch your back. Hopefully we'll be laughing for all the right reasons when we seethe gameat next month's E3.

Matt Cundy
I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.