ArchLord review

Some intriguing ideas dented, dinged, and broken under a hailstorm of bad execution

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Only after you've reached high double-digit levels do the eight classes' abilities become distinct - by which time, it's too late to change your mind when you realize your character hasn't evolved as you'd hoped. Did you want your mage to focus upon area effect spells? Oh, well that's what this is. You should have chosen a different class if you wanted direct attack spells.

Instead, you're actually plowing through 100 levels of walking just outside cities and powering through oddly still clumps of totally random monster groupings such as black clad human thieves; hordes of rock-like tree monsters; and gargoyles. Plus, with no healing class and no potion cool down (recharge) time, the combat comes down to one thing: who has more potions. That is the biggest factor, at least until we start seeing level 90s taking on players with levels in the 15s and 20s

It takes dozens of people cooperating to make someone The ArchLord - but who gets to be the one? And expect to trigger lots of mobs as the server, unable to agree with your PC about where you're actually standing, flings you and your group members randomly across the map.

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GenreRole Playing
DescriptionEach month, one player will rule the entire world of ArchLord. How's that for a power trip?
US censor rating"Rating Pending"
UK censor rating""