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Another spectacular fan game that looks better than Sonic 4

That pre-rendered, fan-made video ofMushroom Hillfrom Sonic & Knuckles has gone down in Sonic lore as the game everyone wants to be real. But it was just an animation project, not a game at all. However. A second fan-made Sonic video has emerged from a different source, this time showing Sonic 2's Emerald Hill in 3D with a whole new style. And it promises to be the real deal. And, yet again, first impression is that it looks better than Sonic 4.

Here's the video:

The game is called Sonic Fan Remix and boy, does it look lush. Most importantly, the physics of Sonic's movement look faithful to the original. It's not perfect - there are some dropped frames (though that may be the video capture program slowing down the game) and not all of the neo-robotic scenery fits Emerald Hill's classic sunshine look. Still, that flying Robotnik in the background is an awesome touch - something that would surely be more like the scene you'd expect during the robot invasion of a peaceful world.

Chris Antista has a point when he says everyone should stop hating on Sonic 4. I agree, and I'm still looking forward to the game very much. But it saddens me to see that a team of two men can make a game that's arguably more like the Sonic we know and love(d) than all of Sonic Team and DIMPS. Observe:

Above: Remix features a gorgeous rainbow, hazy clouds and sparkling waters. Sonic 4... doesn't

Above: Fan game (left) meets real game (right). Which do you think looks the more Sonic-y?

While there are several claims from the creators that the fan game is a playable creation and not just a clever video, I'm not going to believe it until I actually see the finished game (when it arrives). But it looks real from here. And even if it's not, I would recommend that Sega hires the people responsible, rather than sending them a 'cease and desist' order in the mail.

If two people can create something so awesome, non-playable video or no, just imagine what they could do with the budget of a full-blown release.

04 Oct, 2010

Source: The Kartel

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