And 1 Streetball

And 1 is known for its clothing line (apparently, every And 1 hoodie ever made is in the game), but the brand was really built on video collections of highlights and hoop hotshots known as the MixTape. These videos have made celebrities out of playground players like AO, Hot Sauce, Main Event, and the Professor, all of whom appear as playable athletes. The game will include an exclusive, full-length MixTape called The Score, viewable only if you earn and unlock it.

To do that, you'll need to beat the game's story mode. Create your player (and his signature move, of course), join the And 1 MixTape Tour, and travel around the country to some of the more famous playground spots, such as NYC's Rucker Park and Mosswood in Oakland. Do well in the side games and you'll earn enough respect to enter the main event, then do it all over again in the next city. Games range from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5, so your strategy and flow will change as you go through the game. Plus, you can always jump online and dunk on your friends.

The gameplay feels like a dedicated, strategic endeavor like NBA Live but with the high-flying, did-you-see-that factor that gamers love about NBA Street. In other words, it's got the spirit of an arcade game with the discipline of a sim. And 1 Streetball's blacktop is virgin territory for Ubisoft, the folks who brought you tons of Tom Clancy shooters and Prince of Persia. The I Ball control scheme certainly represents something different, but once upon a time, so did nasty Nazis and terrible trolls. We'll have to see if what makes And 1 special is special enough.