Amplitude is bringing back two classic games at once

The Kickstarter-funded Amplitude from Harmonix is meant to be a modern reboot of the original PS2 game from 2003, but the newly announced FreQ mode means it'll also functionally serve as a reboot of Amplitude's predecessor, FreQuency.

In Amplitude, players switch between lanes on a flat track, almost like a racing game or an endless runner. Only, instead of trying to avoid obstacles, you're actively looking for objects to run over, tapping buttons as they pass under you in rhythm with the background music. Think Guitar Hero crossed with Temple Run and you've got the right idea.

FreQ mode translates those flat tracks into a rounded tunnel shape, much like how the original FreQuency spread its lanes across an octagonal tunnel. Harmonix noted on the PlayStation Blog that the shift from a tunnel design to a flat one was done with the intention of showing off more of the worlds players would traverse. The studio wrote that both players and developers remain divided over which is the better gameplay experience, hence the option of FreQ mode.

Amplitude will beatbox its way to PS4 on January 5.

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Sam Prell

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