Alex Ross paints new Captain America costume

Avengers: Twilight #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In the future world of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Daniel Acuña’s upcoming limited series Avengers: Twilight, the Avengers are gone, but Steve Rogers remains - and now you can get a look at his new futuristic Captain America costume as painted by Alex Ross on his cover for Avengers: Twilight #1.

Announced at New York Comic-Con 2023, Avengers: Twilight takes place in a future world where the Avengers have disbanded. However, Steve Rogers is still alive and kicking, and he dons a new Captain America costume, seen in Alex Ross' painted cover, to assemble a new team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"In a gleaming new world of prosperity, Captain America is no more. But Steve Rogers still exists, floating through an America where freedom is an illusion, where the Avengers are strangers and his friends are long dead. But is the Dream? How do you assemble Avengers in a world that doesn’t want them?" reads Marvel's official description of Avengers: Twilight. 

"Steve Rogers will pick up the shield one last time to save not only the world, but the Avengers’ legacy. The series will introduce new characters with startling connections to the Avengers of today and reveal the tragic fate that befell Marvel’s greatest heroes."

Avengers: Twilight is billed as a "dark endpoint" for the Avengers, as well as a "startling new vision of Marvel's tomorrow." Marvel is no stranger to showing alt-futures for its characters, perhaps most famously in the story X-Men: Days of Future Past. The Avengers aren't strangers to the concept either, with the classic story Hulk: Future Imperfect showing a future where the team has been destroyed by an evil future version of the Hulk.

Avengers: Twilight #1 goes on sale January 17.

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