Drive and survive across The Last Frontier in Alaskan Road Truckers

A new trailer for Alaskan Road Truckers (formally known as Alaskan Truck Simulator) has been shown during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel, highlighting that there's much more to this experience than simply sitting behind the wheel. 

The trailer also reveals a release window of Fall 2023, and confirms that console releases on PS5 and Xbox Series are on the way.

Of course, the trucks are a significant part of this game, with various transporters modelled in intricate detail and featuring all of the controls you'd expect. You'll need to select the right vehicle for the journey ahead, attaching snow chains where required and packing other tools to deal with the survival challenges of the wilderness.

However, it's what happens when you step out of the cab that stands Alaskan Road Truckers apart from other driving simulators. Grab a gas station pump to fuel up, then pop the hood to perform the realistic maintenance and repairs that will keep you trucking through a series of interactions and minigames.

Head into a store and you can browse the shelves for canned food and snacks, which you'll need to consume while on the road the keep your hunger at bay. You'll also be required to monitor your energy levels during your journey, stopping to rest when needed to maintain your strength.

Back on the road you'll encounter extreme conditions to deal with, including obstacles such as fallen trees that will need clearing before you can continue along your route. Pull out your chainsaw and carve it up so you can proceed, but watch your temperature during freezing snowstorms and make sure you return to the warmth of your cab before the cold overwhelms you.

Alaskan Road Truckers is due to launch in Fall 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam, Epic Games, and

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Iain Wilson
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