Alan Wake

Alan Wake is the man who would be (Stephen) King: a horror writer living out nightmares in a sleepy white-picket-fence town. After the disappearance of his fianc%26eacute;, Alan retires to Bright Falls hoping to get over his writer%26rsquo;s block. No such luck: his nightmares follow him there. So far, so Silent Hill.

But Alan Wake, and the town of Bright Falls, are built on the very latest technology. We%26rsquo;ve seen the developers

summon hurricanes to batter and bruise the tiny town, turn daylight on and day off Truman Show style, all while Wake is fleeing %26lsquo;things%26rsquo; shrouded in shadow.

The only question is whether the developers can marshal their impressive technology around a creepy ghost-town ride without resorting to clich%26eacute;. Given that Remedy%26rsquo;s last game was the hilariously tongue-in-cheek shooter Max Payne, we kind of hope not.

Jan 24, 2008