Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London review

"This is a mission, not a vacation!" says Frankie Muniz in this imagination-starved sequel to 2003's junior James Bond romp. Since he speaks these words while touring The London Dungeon, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Hastily cobbled together to cash in on what's left of its star's waning appeal, Kevin Allen's Spy Kids wannabe sends its half-pint hero to Blighty in pursuit of a renegade CIA spook (played by the director's brother Keith) and some stolen mind-control devices. Joining forces with Anthony Anderson's annoying, boisterous "handler" and an undercover Scotland Yard operative (former S-Clubber Hannah Spearritt), Muniz proceeds to visit every London tourist trap known to man.

With no money for CGI or any half-decent stunts, Allen's cut-price caper resembles something the Children's Film Foundation might have knocked out on an off-day. And our hero doesn't even get the girl! It's official - Agent Cody Wanks.

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