Age of Conan Interview, part two

What are your plans for PvP and end-game content?

Erling Ellingsen:
One of the key features of Age of Conan is the player-versus-player content. There are basically three types of PvP combat in the game, varying from what's really simple to get into and that have no strings attached, to the more large-scale challenges that requires more involvement. At the bottom is the drunken brawling, a feature that allow players to get drunk in a tavern and fight with other players - regardless of level or equipment. How much damage you do and how well you fight is determined only by what you drink! There are no penalties.

Then you have the arena combat where much more is on the line, and the result of each battle is determined by your skill and the abilities of your character.

At the top of all this is the siege warfare. Guilds will be able to construct entire battlekeeps in what we call the Border Kingdoms, and other guilds will be able to fight to conquer these. Imagine large-scale battles with huge amounts of players mounted on horses and pushing catapults! This is a large part of the end-game content, but we're also gearing up for epic dungeon crawls and raid encounters that will keep players busy for a long time to come.