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After Burner: Black Falcon review

A classic arcade flight shooter refuels, but buys the cheap gas


  • Decent sense of speed
  • Looks good
  • Flame jobs on planes


  • Jets too similar
  • Unavoidable damage
  • Shallow overall

It’s very tough to update old-school arcade games gracefully. Change too much, and people accuse you of ignoring the franchise’s heritage. Change too little, and people will say the series is stuck in a rut. This second situation is unfortunately how we feel about After Burner: Black Falcon, an update to publisher Sega’s beloved arcade flight shooter series After Burner. It’s not as bad a collision with the past as would be, say, taking Mick Jagger shopping for Speedos, but it isn’t exactly plugging your iPod straight into your hybrid-fuel car’s stereo, either.

More Info

DescriptionWith its progenitors watching from the arcade past, this fledging screams onto the scene, engines a-blazing, looking fast, fun, and full of promise.
US censor ratingRating Pending
UK censor rating12+
Release date (US), 30 March 2007 (UK)