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Aaron Greenberg congratulates Sony on PS5 showcase while shouting out Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg was quick to congratulate Sony on tonight's PS5 (opens in new tab) Future of Gaming showcase, and equally quick to remind folks that many of the games in the show will also be playable on Xbox Series X (opens in new tab)

"Congrats to our friends at Sony on their show today," he said in a tweet (opens in new tab). "Xbox fans should know titles like GTA V, Resident Evil Village, Hitman 3, NBA 2K21, Pragmata, etc are going to look and play great on #XboxSeriesX the world's most powerful console."

You can't have a next-gen marketing marathon without a little executive sass on both sides, and this was certainly a cute remark on Greenberg's part. Xbox gets to use the games at Sony's show to highlight the upcoming library for Xbox Series X, while also sneaking in its claim of having "the world's most powerful console" (which may well be true, but spec sheets don't tell us everything). 

The funny part of all this is that the multiplatform announcements in Sony's show were pretty upfront for the most part. And whenever Sony or Microsoft do have exclusives to announce, be they console exclusives or timed exclusives, they put that up in lights. Hell, they hire skywriters, roll out red carpet, and daisy chain megaphones together. There wasn't as much of that tonight, although Xbox will notably miss a few games from the PS5 show, such as Arkane's Deathloop (opens in new tab) and Heart Machine's Solar Ash (opens in new tab). Nevertheless, you can bet that Microsoft will also announce some more console exclusives of its own in the months and years ahead. The more things change, and all that. 

The PS5 design (opens in new tab) is finally here. How does it stack up to the towering Xbox Series X? 

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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