A classic DC character returns from the dead in Infinite Frontier #0

Infinite Frontier #0
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This week's Infinite Frontier #0 includes numerous major developments for DC's new so-called Omniverse, which establishes a vast, infinite world of alt-realities where DC characters can undergo almost any adventure or change, and in which their entire histories are intact and can be drawn upon at any time.

Among its big changes for many of DC's most prominent heroes (and some cult favorites), Infinite Frontier #0 brings at least one classic DC hero back from the dead in a definitive way – although their future remains a mystery.

Spoilers ahead for DC: Infinite Frontier #0

Infinite Crisis #0 brings Roy Harper, the former Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow, back from the dead permanently following a brief zombie(ish) resurrection via a Black Lantern ring in Dark Nights: Death Metal.

image from Infinite Frontier #0 (Image credit: DC)

In a single-page sequence by Joshua Williamson and Alex Maleev, Roy is seen fully resurrected back in the new DC Omniverse, presumably on its Prime Earth. He debates which of his old friends to call – Donna Troy, Dick Grayson, or even Jason Todd (with whom he was part of the Outlaws for several years) – before throwing his phone in a trashcan and leaving his bow and arrows behind at the rundown desert gas station where he's hanging out and hitchhiking away.

Way back in 2018-19's Heroes in Crisis, former Teen Titan Roy Harper was murdered by his old Titans pal Wally West while they were both staying at a facility called Sanctuary that was meant to provide healing from trauma for superheroes. But Wally's powers sorta went haywire (it's complicated) and he wound up mass-murdering some of the people staying there, including Roy.

Now you know why Wally wasn't on his shortlist of folks to ring up, although zombie-Roy's tip of his now-signature baseball cap to Wally in a Death Metal tie-in suggests they're on okay terms.

page from Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1 (Image credit: DC)

As a result of the events of Death Metal, characters who died during the storyline and even before returned to the land of the living, but DC didn't reveal who. Now it's been confirmed that at least Roy Harper has come back fully to life, under circumstances that are a mystery even to him – which means there could be more revived heroes and villains running around the Omniverse that we haven't gotten a glimpse of yet.

Roy Harper was a founding member of the Teen Titans, one of the best teen superhero teams of all time.

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