7 best celebrity prank phone calls

So the BBC has announced that Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross will be suspended over their prank calls to Manuel from Faulty Towers.

It all seems like a bit of an overreaction to us (doesn’t Gordon Brown have better things to do at the moment than to comment on the hijinks of comedians?) but Brand and Ross should get their knuckles rapped for at least one thing - the calls could have been so much funnier.

For one thing, the hilarity of a prank call instantly doubles when it’s an impersonation of a movie character. We’ve picked seven of our favourite prank calls to prove it.

You should note that the clips include content that some might find offensive, so get your headphones ready if you're at work.

1. Al Pacino calls a Limo Driver

Al’s character from the excellent Glengarry Glen Ross is angry, angry that someone has just cost him six thousand dollars. Unfortunately he takes it out on a helpless limo driver, who gets so angry that it costs him his job.


2. Jack Nicholson calls Sally

Nathan R. Jessup doesn’t think that Sally can handle the truth. She certainly can not handle being harassed by a man who refuses to tell her exactly why he’s called.


3. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Gateway

The classic. Detective John Kimble has some questions for Gateway representatives about upgrading, but unfortunately the sales department is closed.


4. Batman Soundboard Prank Call

Batman is searching for the missing Dr. Leslie Thompkins. His investigation leads him to make a phone call to someone who he thinks is involved with criminals.


5. Mr. T calls A-Team Recruitment Company

Mr. T calls the A-Team Recruitment Company to accuse them of damaging his van and drugging him.


6. Tom Hanks calls AOL

Tom Hanks of Joe Fox just wants to make a friend at the AOL call centre. And bizarrely, they are willing to appease him.


7. Bill Murray calls a mental health centre

Bill Murray has problems. So he calls Medical Services. They don't seem to be able to help.

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