Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

Hello and welcome to another bargain-packed instalment of the weekly SFX bargain round-up, back in our regular Friday spot. Read on for this week’s collection of goodies to tempt and tease you into spending your spare cash…

First this week we have a couple of classic TV shows; beginning with the complete Sapphire And Steel on a DVD box-set , which is available from for just £16.99 .

Classic submarine action next with Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea . Season one can be purchased for £14.99 , and you can also pick up season two for £13.95 . Dive, dive, dive!

The classic fairy-tale world fantasy film from Ridley Scott Legend , starring a very young Tom Cruise, can be found at Amazon on Blu-ray for £7.99 . The film is also available on DVD for £3.49 .

If you’re sick of the Michael Bayification of Transformers why not try the 1986 cartoon movie. It’s available from Amazon for £1.98 on DVD . There’s also an extras-packed special edition of the film available for £11.95 . We also spotted more Transformers animation in the shape of the 1984 TV series on DVD. You can pick up season 1 , season 2.1 , season 2.2 and season 3/4 all for £4.69 each. has a “Two Blu-ray for £15 offer on this week which has loads of sci-fi goodies including Event Horizon , Deep Impact , Robocop , and many more.

Those unlikely heroes in orange up next; all three series of Misfits are collected in this boxed set on DVD for £22 . Cock jokes a plenty!

If you fancy something a little different why not check out Masters Of Science Fiction ? The complete series one of this collection of sci-fi stories reminiscent of The Twilight Zone is available on DVD for the bargaintastic price of £3.49 .

Over to Amazon’s “Bargains of the Week” for some hot witch action next. All eight seasons of Charmed are available as individual season boxed sets for between for £8.97 and £9.97 each.

In Asda this week we spotted several Blu-ray at low prices. Super 8 was £10 , Jim Cameron’s classic Aliens was £6.98 and Spider Man 3 was just £4.98 .

Asda also had a few new releases going cheap: Sherlock - A Game of Shadows was spotted for £10 on DVD or on Blu-ray for £15.97 . The fourth Underworld film Awakening is out on for £10 on DVD and £15 for the Blu-ray. We also saw a new Underworld Quadrilogy set; on DVD it was £14.97 and on Blu-ray £24 97 .

Happy Hangman found classic Danish horror film Nattevagten (That’s Nightwatch to you and me) in his local Poundland. And Iain Gibson picked up the first four Alien movies on Blu-ray for £10 in his local HMV.

Something for Thundercats fans next with this heat sensitive mug . Watch the characters appear as if by sorcery when you fill the cup. This astounding magic can be yours for £6.99 .

Back to Midnighter from the forum for a few toy suggestions; the Entertainer has the Character Builders Doctor Who Dalek factory set for £19.99 and the TARDIS console room mega set for half price at £24.99 .

Staying with toys we found some Star Wars Lego on sale. The Hoth Wampa Cave has a tenner off at £24.99 .

A t-shirt for Spider-Man fans next. This design features the logo for the new Spidey film, out later this year, and you can be wearing it for £13.99 . It’s available in a two for £20 . The offer features plenty of other superhero themed shirts. Check it out.

Finally this week you can be Iron Man . This helmet is on sale at £19.99 . Caution: This helmet does not make you a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist but it does light up and say cool phrases.

If you see anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. And remember; if anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share then please head over to the forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.