3D Dot Game Heroes gets a room in PlayStation Home

Developer From Software has brought its 8-bit vision to PlayStation Home in celebration of 3D Dot Game Heroes' first anniversary.

Open to any PlayStation gamer with a Japanese account (which you don't need to be in Japan to create), the Dotnia-themed lounge is a brick-by-brick homage to From Software's pixelated adventure title and features an explorable Dotnia Castle, the opportunity to purchase blocky furniture for one's PlayStation home pad and access to a special unlockable gift. The lounge also grants wanderers with access to developer Irem's Spelunker Home lounge; a space created last year to promote the re-release of Minna de Spelunker on the PlayStation Network.

A year is a long time to keep interest in any game alive, so it's nice to see continued respect being paid to one of the year's most innovate games. While there is no official word yet on a sequel, 3D Dot Game Heroes has so farsold nearly 180,000 units,blowing away publisher Atlus USA's original sales projections by a huge margin. Here's hoping From Software's latest marketing push will fast track a genuine return to Kingdom of Dotnia. Maybe this time in 16-bit?

Nov 9, 2010

[Source: 1up.com]

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