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10 Superhero Movies That Must Not Happen 9

Publisher: DC
First appearance: Adventure Comics #303, 1963
Alter ego: Tenzil Kem
Ability: To eat anything (though he's never actually shown eating Marmite)
Assessment: A member of The Legion Of Superheroes, he’s an alien form the planet Bismoll, whose inhabitants can eat all matter. Unfortunately, his powers were so rubbish he was often written out of stories because the writers couldn't work out how to use him in a fight. Eventually became the team's chef (a bad idea surely? How would he know what's edible and what's not?)
Nightmare big screen scenario: Jim Carrey headlines this Farrelly Brothers comedy, in which a voracious alien with a windy bottom light his farts to defeat the evil Anchovy Man – the only thing in the universe even he can't eat.

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