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10 Superhero Movies That Must Not Happen 7

Publisher: Marvel
First appearance: Marvel Superheroes Special Volume 2 #8, 1991
Alter ego: Doreen Green
Abilities: Prehensile tail (which squirrels don't have), amazingly strong (buck) teeth, super-athletic, and can talk to squirrels
Assessment: Oh come on. This is the type of superhero other superheroes point at and laugh. At least if she was male, she could have some fun with her super-powered nuts.
Nightmare big-screen scenario: Jessica Alba dons a set of prosthetic buck teeth to tackle the role she believes will bring her an Oscar – the feisty Squirrel Girl, outcast from superhero circle because of disfiguring dental deformity and the fact she always forgetting where she's buried her costume. Catherine Hardwicke directs this touching tale of girl who overcomes adversity and finds a true man who'll have her cubs.

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