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10 Superhero Movies That Must Not Happen 6

Publisher: DC
First appearance: Secret Origins, Volume 2, #46, 1989
Alter ego: Floyd Belkin
Ability: Can detach his limbs
Assessment: So crap, he was rejected by the Legion Of Superheroes on his try-out. Later changed his name to splitter, which was undoubtedly cooler, but his powers were still as naff as an ITV sitcom, and once again The Legion says no.
Nightmare big-screen Scenario: Promoted with the tagline, “He’s armed and dangerous!" Michael Bay's reinvention of Arm Fall Off Boy reimagines the hero with exploding limbs, three of which are stolen by his arch-enemy, Doctor Prosthetico, who plans to use them to blow up the Whitehouse. This leaves our hero hopping mad. The film climaxes in an exciting arms race.

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