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10 Superhero Movies That Must Not Happen 5

Publisher: DC
First appearance: Justice League Of America Annual #2, 1984
Alter ego: Paco Ramone
Ability: Creates sonic shockwaves
Assessment: Okay, Vibe‘s power is impressive enough. It's the guy with the powers who makes this hero so naff. He was a shameless attempt to lure in Hispanic readers; sadly the worst way to do this is to create such a 24-carat Hispanic cliché. Paco was an ex gangleader who womanised and danced the night away, then fought crime in a costume that made him look like a camp toreador. Not so much a dire superhero, as a completely lame one. He died. Nobody cared.
Nightmare big-screen scenario: Enrique Iglesias (a man who knows a thing or two about sonic shockwaves) is cast as Vibe in a sweeping epic of urban crime which combines West Side Story with Death Wish and Speedy Gonzales. Guy Ritchie directs, sensitively capturing an authentic Hispanic flavour by having all the characters drink Tequila, wear sombreros and call each other "Meester".

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